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What's Up!!!

Hey guys and the occasional gal!!!


Well, as you can see I finally have myself a web site to call my own. I know it may not be much yet, but I'm doing my best to get this thing going with the free time I have between educating and getting my fill of the social life I got going on here.


So what is new besides the web site? Well, I'm not as shy, as you will see by my new pictures that I'll be putting up on the site and some that I've already posted. This has cum with banging enough chicks and seeing my share of butt ass naked guys to know that I have nothing to be ashamed of. Instead I got a good amount to show off and make some money off... Thanks for the big dick, Dad! :)


So yeah, you will get a chance to see more of me than you have before, but things will come at a price. One of the things that were a drag about listing adult auctions for me was that it took so long, and part of that was taking the pictures because I wanted them to make you all drool. :) Well, considering that the demand for my nude pictures, and used underwear, condoms and all has skyrocketed. I figured that I could probably sell some of them there pictures.


Also new is my mailing list aptly named FratPack. Sooooo many of you are asking me when I'm going to sell a jock or a thong or socks or whatever. Well, FratPack allows me to let you know only when I have something that you’re interested in without sacrificing my life.


Finally, I’ve found my passion in all this XXX work that I’ve been doing, which is that I get off like no other on CASH. Enter my one huge fetish, Financial Domination. It is not for everyone, but you know who you are and your job is to rock my world with your hard earned money. Get at me and let the fun begin!


Hmmmm aside from that I've been crazy busy with school and just trying to keep up with my sweet life!


As always I provide you with some of the best if not the best used clothing, from underwear to condoms, out there from a   REAL HOT n HUNG FRAT BOY


Peace out Guys!



~ Master Hung Frat Boy ~




So that we are clear, the solicitation, acceptance and giving of money and gifts are voluntary donations and no services, subscriptions nor goods of any kind are received in exchange. This includes verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature, pictures, video, etc. Keep in mind I’m straight, and neither you nor money will change that in the slightest. End of Story!

What's Fresh

Unless you just got here or something, you can probably tell that I'm redesigning my site. What you probably don't know is that it is a major pain in my ass, which is why it is taking so long! I am really busy enjoying my life, so I do what I can when I can to make it happen. In a nut shell I'm probably fucking a chick right now as you read this instead of redesigning this, so you can see my prioiriteis are perfectly in line with where they should be. Thanks for your patience and all....and now back to sex!!!

Beer Fund Donations

Me Hung Frat Boy. Me drink lots of beer! You buy me beer and make me happy! Simple as that!

Auctions and Private Sales

Here is the deal, I know you really want to bury your nose in my Jock Boy Crotch, but you can't! So the next best thing is to buy a pair of my Hot and Sweaty Used (Men's) Underwear that have been stretched out by my Hot n Hung, um .... ness. :) I sell Jocks (Jock Straps), Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Boxers & Thongs. Underwear I've worked in, worked out in, slept in, jacked off in and or on. :) I've done plenty of cum crusted undies and skid marks for dudes. All at a premium of course. Basically you name it, and I sell it! Available via Adult Auctions or Private Sales, like all my goods. Got a Foot Fetish? You know you do! Well, I'm what you have been waiting for. Where else can you find a Hot and Hung College Jock who is gonna let you buy his Frat boy rank Socks, Shoes (Trainers for some of you) and Flip Flops off of him? That was a rhetorical question by the way.

Financial Domination

Those who are serious about Serving a true alpha male by sumbitting to ME, may request to be vetted for their ability to $erve MASTER and be Financially Dominatied. By proceeding you understand that you will be dealing with my alter ego whom gets off by using you. Beyond this point you will not be dealing with your standard Hung Frat Boy, so enter at your own risk and do as Master says!!!


Hung Frat Boy Pix
Hot Frat Boy Ass

You can't resist me......


You can't resist me......

Join Frat Pack

Stay informed with what I have new for sale and on my site based on only what you want to know about. A pretty cool feature that a lot of my regulars are using to know what is going on with their favorite Hung College Frat Boy.


Contact HFB

You may contact Hung Frat Boy, but if you are just doing so to tell me I'm hot or what not.... save yourself some time. I get that already!

Just until I get shit all worked out on this page, here is part of what was here before the remodeling...

Hung Frat Boy's

Gay Adult Auctions

Unfortunatly, I don't have too much time to keep my current Adult Auctions listed on my website, but the down low on them is avalable on my Gay Adult Auctions page, so check it out!




Current Gay Adult Auctions

  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Unico Briefs - Hot: So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for a pair of Unico Hip Briefs. They are a size medium and are white with bright orange stripes. I only have 2 pairs of Unico, including these and they all seem to have this trait of cupping my cock and balls a bit too tight, so I think I'm gonna be letting them all go......... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo Hung Frat Boy's Loaded Magnum with HOT Pix: So this auction is for a Brand 'SPANKING' New Tasty Magnum Condom from my private stash. Yes, I use the coveted Magnum to wrap myself up for the grand sex games of this teen's life..... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Baseball Hat: So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for an Adjustable Baseball Cap.. So the story on this had is that it was left at our frat house after a Killer party we had and no one clamed it so it became the I need a hat today hat for everybody in my Fraternity...... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Billabong Board Shorts:So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for a pair of Billabong Board Shorts. AKA swimming suit. They are an attention getter in color, since they are a bright orange with bright blue... you get the idea. They are not lined like swimming suits that you are used to so your pretty much screwed if you get hard cause everyone is going to see it... but sometimes that is kinda fun anyway...... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Abercrombie Cut Off Shirt: So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for an Abercrombie & Fitch Muscle or Cut Off Shirt. Well obviously it is a white shirt and the Abercrombie brand marking are not too obtrusive like they can be a lot of the times. Sometimes I feel like a billboard and they should be paying be to make them look good. You know? Anyway, this shirt is sweet and was given to me by my bro. It is an XL......... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo Hung Frat Boy's Abercrombie Pants/Shorts: So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch Zip out Pants - Shorts. In other works it is a two for one, ok. They are convertible into cargo shorts. Size wise, I'm not sure on these guys, the tag has been shredded cause it was itching me when I go commando in them. You like that don't you. You like knowing that my sweaty Cock, Balls and Ass were rubbing up against them don't you..... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Reef Flip Flops: So this Hung Frat Boy Auction is for a pair of Killer Reef Flip Flops. Size? I don't fucking know, but they are probably between a 10 and an 11. I bought these a while back because I had a green thing going on (Horny I guess) and because, get this, they have a build in bottle opener on the bottom. Now if that doesn't spell perfect for a Frat Party, or Party for that matter, I don't know what does. Cool story...... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo Hung Frat Boy's Golf Shoes - Foot Joy: So this auction is for my pair of Foot Joy Golf Shoes. I've pretty much killed these shoes, but they are still going. They are my first pair of Golf shoes and are about due for retirement. They fit pretty snug..... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Polo Sport Socks:So this auction is for a pair of my old school Polo Sport Tube Socks. They have been with me for a while, but are in grand condition, with no holes or anything like that. They are pretty much white except for the soles, which have taken a bit of abuse... but they are real nice to the nose as my Frat Feet have been...... (click auction title to view more)

No current auctions or don't see something you want? Sorry about that! Your options are to sign up for FratPack and be notified when I have more or Contact Me about a Private Sale.



Recent Gay Adult Auctions

  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Champion Jock Socks: So here is a pair of my White Champion Socks. These guys are relic from my past and probably not actually mine. I pretty sure they were some old hand me the fuck downs from my older brother that I've recently started nursing back to life. I take them for walks in the park, long jaunts in the wood, pumping iron in the gym..... (click auction title to view more)
  • HUNG FRAT BOY's C-in2 Boxer Briefs: This Auction for these here boxer briefs are why I actually found this xxx website. Ya see, I used to be a skinny fuck and I bought a bunch of these boxer briefs (I'm down to only a couple in white, now) because I had finally found a style of boxer briefs that I liked again. It used to be 2xist man, but they fucked them up in my opinion...... (click auction title to view more)
  • 19 yo HUNG FRAT BOY's Sweaty Wife Beater: So.....Wife Beaters are one of the most important part of my wardrobe now a days, especially at the gym to help me staying cool when I'm pumping it up at the gym... and when I'm pumping out a load at home or wherever I might find the place and the time...... (click auction title to view more)

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